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From the Yankee Resort you can watch the kids fighting and playing. There are plenty of lodges now in Lava but Mr. Lama (Manager) is well worth a visit and he will certainly take good care of you. He also has some good birding lists.

  Anand Prasad  
  Bird Watcher  

I dipped on a few major species a few more days would have been nice. It gives me a fine excuse for returning. I enjoyed staying at the Yankee Resort very much. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is good.

  Mark Ashcroft  

It is reasonable and has good views, and the staff very obligingly brought me breakfast at 5 a.m. every morning.
Dave Farrow  
In Lava we stayed in Yankee Resort, which is mentioned in book of birding guide to India [5]. The hotel was very nice, service was friendly and food was excellent and we had a nice room in the topmost floor with a nice view to the village and mountain area. There was no heating in room and no hot shower (but hot water in a bucket). However, we were fully satisfied.
  Aleksi Lehikoinen  


Four brilliant days in Lava spent at the Yankee Resort. Lovely Staff who attended to our every need with glee. Many thanks!
  John and Oenis Paries
Thank you for such a warm welcome-particularly the warm snacks at the tea time and the only hot water geyser to work for me in two weeks in India . I love the view to the monastary and found every body helpful during the power cut.
  Alan Reed  

Coventry , England , UK

We've had a pleasant stay here at Lava, lots of birds and good weather, good food and a friendly staff at Yankee Resort.
  Samuel Hanson, Sweden and Antonio Salvadori  


Foggy most of the time so couldn't see much but very good food and excellent service here at Yankee Resort.
  Mike and Shirl  

Seattle , Washington , USA

Plenty of bedding and good food.
  Jon Hornbuckle  

35 Grove Road , Sheffield S7 2GY, U.K.

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